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Troop 22 participates in the Amazon Associates program.  Anytime someone shops Amazon.com through the link above, Troop 22 gets 4%-10% of what they spend. Please bookmark our link for all your Amazon shopping.

For this to work: Once you open the link, you must use the same tab to add items to your shopping cart and complete purchase from the same tab within 24 hours.  We do not get credit for items put in "Save for Later."  If you purchase later, you can always remove the items from your cart and use our link to put them back in your cart.


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Dear friends and family,

Did you know I'm a Boy Scout?  I get to enjoy camping, nature, community service, and tons of activities that teach important skills.  Please support scouts like me whenever you shop Amazon.com.

If you go through our link (shortcut: http://amzn.to/HelpScouts), 4%-10% of what you spend goes to my Boy Scout Troop 22.  This does not cost you anything extra.

NOTE: Once you use the link to enter Amazon, you must use the same tab to add items to your shopping cart and check out within 24 hours, for my troop to get credit.  We do not get anything from Save-For-Later, though if you remove items and then use the link to re-add them to Shopping Cart, it seems to work.

Please bookmark this shortcut for your future shopping!

THANK YOU for supporting fun, character-building activities for boys like me.

Yours in scouting,